De 7 grundfølelser

The 7 basic emotions

In our complex world, we navigate daily through a sea of ​​emotions that shape our experiences and interactions. Understanding these feelings is like unlocking the key to our own inner universe. In this blog we will explore the seven basic emotions that form the cornerstone of our emotional landscape.

1. Joy

Joy is like the sun that breaks through the clouds and brightens our day. This feeling brings happiness, smiles and positive energies. It can be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or sharing a laugh with friends. To understand joy is to embrace the moments that fill our hearts with warmth.

2. Sadness

Sadness is like the gentle rain that moistens the earth and makes room for growth. It is a natural reaction to loss, disappointment or grief. Acknowledging sadness is accepting our vulnerability and allowing ourselves to heal. Through sadness we discover the depth of our emotional selves.

3. Fear

Fear is like a shadow that follows us in the dark. It is a survival mechanism that alerts us to potential threats. To understand fear is to distinguish between real danger and irrationality. When we learn to deal with fear, we open the door to courage and strength.

4. Anger

Anger is like a violent ocean wave that can overturn everything in its path. This feeling often arises as a reaction to injustice or frustration. To understand anger is to channel its energy constructively and avoid destructive impulses. When we master anger, it can be a powerful catalyst for change.

5. Surprise

Surprise is like a spark that ignites in the unexpected. It can be positive or negative and creates moments of wonder. To embrace surprise is to be open to the unpredictability of life and to find the beauty in the unexpected.

6. Contempt

Contempt is like a poisonous cloud that overshadows the relationship between people. It often occurs when there is a feeling of superiority over others. To understand contempt is to cultivate empathy and respect for the diversity of our society. When we eliminate contempt, we create a more compassionate society.

7. Astonishment

Wonder is like the stars that light up our night sky. This feeling arises when we encounter the extraordinary and discover the beauty of the world around us. To understand wonder is to maintain a childlike curiosity and appreciate the small miracles that surround us.


The seven basic emotions are like colorful brushstrokes that paint the emotional portrait of our lives. By exploring, understanding and embracing these feelings, we strengthen our connection to ourselves and others. In this journey through the emotional landscape, we discover that it is through acceptance and insight that we can truly live a real and meaningful life.

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