About Soï

Who are we?

Who are the people behind Soï Copenhagen? Anna Jäpelt and Cecilie Hega Kennedy had a great desire to create a piece of jewelery that should be more than just an accessory.

Our names are Anna and Cecilie. We are both 24 years old and met our boyfriend at our university.

We have always had a great interest in self-care and want us to become better at focusing on one's own needs.

We created Soï because we want to create a piece of jewelry that is more than just a piece of jewelry.

Love for man

Soï creates joy by helping people dare to be and love themselves - this is what we do at Krystal Jewellery. Crystals carry not only a beauty within them, but also a deep symbolism that connects to the love of the person who wears them. Each crystal in our jewelery is carefully selected to represent a unique meaning – from love and inner peace to strength and balance. When you wear a piece of crystal jewelry from Soï, you are not only wearing a piece of jewelry, but also an intention to pay tribute to the love you have for yourself and for others. Let the beauty of the crystals remind you to cherish the moments and embrace the love that lives within you.


Soï is a Scandinavian jewelery brand established in 2023 by designers Anna Jäpelt & Cecilie Kennedy. The love for crystal jewelery has followed them throughout their upbringing and has been a reminder to remember to take care of yourself and support someone in your own needs. Soï was created with the aim of conveying a deeper story about self-acceptance when choosing crystal jewellery, with the hope that it will become an integral part of our customers' everyday life. Soï's crystal jewelery is sold in selected lifestyle and jewelery stores in Scandinavia, as well as on its own webshop.

Soi means "Myself" in French.

We help people to be and choose themselves